App Details

A collection of apps that allows you to leverage technology to protect and manage your family

Life Saver

LifeSaver allows you to customize a program for your teen driver with your specifications for desired texting and driving habits.

Parental Board

Parental Board is designed to provide you with better management, protection, and safety for your children. Letting your children know that you are monitoring their activities is important.

Square Hub

As parents, your concern for privacy and sensitive family information is key. SquareHub is the simple yet perfect solution for just that. SquareHub is “family first,” protecting your children and your family’s privacy.

SPIN Safe Browser

The SPIN safe browser blocks inappropriate content, such as pornography, to provide a safe internet surfing experience for your kids.


Make high quality video calls with up to 12 people, across both apple and Android devices.


Simply register in the LifeSaver driver portal and “invite” your driver(s). Your teen driver will receive a simple text invitation to install the LifeSaver app and then will be invited to join your Driver Portal, allowing you to be confident that the app is installed and active. From the portal, you will be aware of your teen’s texting-while-driving activity and behavior. You also will be notified if LifeSaver is unlocked.
Your driver portal tracks and scores any driver’s distracted driving with texting. It will identify good or bad behavior, but most important, will provide the tools and method for improvement. Families can take a “doing this together” approach by letting the portal score and optionally reward all family members for safer driving.

Key Features include:
• Reduces or ends texting and driving
• Arrival alerts
• Fast lock and unlocking of the phone automatically
• Emergency and Passenger unlock features with notifications
• Easy Setup and optional Passcode lock to prevent tampering

Parental Board

Prevent your kids from being addicted to technology, keep them safe online and know what they are doing on their devices Works on all Android Tablets & Phones

Buy with Confidence – Free 14 Day Trial (no credit card required) and then only $12USD a Year to get the world’s most comprehensive parental control solution

Core features:
• Set Time Limits (Prevent Tech Addiction & Encourage Good Content)
• Keep Kids Safe on the Internet (filter out Porn with our safe browser, SPIN)
• Block Dangerous Apps (Prevent your child from chatting with strangers)
• Get Reports (Daily Reports provide knowledge: Who, What, Where and How)
• Call Blocking for Unknown Numbers (Or limit calls to just family)
• SMS & MMS Logging (Optionally, enable Text Collection)
• Parents Get a Free Remote Control (Get Location, Time-Out & Extend your child’s time easily)

Easy Setup: Use our intuitive Onboarding Wizard to quickly setup your configuration. Select a Family Group name and Password and then use it across all your family devices.

Full Management: We provide a Web Management Dashboard where you can manage devices, see reports and logs and adjust settings for your family devices.

Control What Content Your Child Consumes: Use our Daily Device Screen Timer, Scheduled Time, and Always Allowed features to customize your child’s digital experience so that addiction causing games and video streaming are limited and educational content is encouraged.

Application Blocking & Scheduling: Block the Messaging App during school hours so your child is not texting during class. Child under 13? Then block dangerous social media apps such as Kik, Snapchat, Yik Yak, Tinder, Whisper.

Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet: Filter out inappropriate content. No porn. We automatically install SPIN, our free safe web browser and block all other web browsers. Plus, all searches in Google are safe, including images.

Prevent Strangers from Calling: Allow calls to and from known Contacts only, or set specific numbers such as family members-only phone numbers. Review all calls made and received including blocked calls in our web dashboard.

Text Message Logging, Notification and Collection: Know if your child is being bullied and receiving inappropriate text messages from people that you do not know.

Location Tracking & Geofencing: Know where your child is, request a check-in and review their location history. Create geofences and proactively get alerts.

Square Hub

Whether you’re a family with young children, mobile teenagers, kids away at college, or family living in multiple locations, SquareHub makes it easy for everyone to stay connected!

Key features:
• Create a common family calendar to share with entire family or individual members
• Share scheduling and reminders
• Exchange messages
• Share photos
• Coordinate schedules
• Manage shared to-dos and tasks, and organize lists
• Share location information seamlessly between devices

Your family will love SquareHub!
In an era where family interaction often suffers because of technology, SquareHub offers your family members new togetherness using the devices they choose.
• Your family can feel confident that daily activities are under control in a private, real-time, one-to-one or group messaging environment exclusive to your family.
• Your family can use SquareHub’s locator function to share check-ins and location details that give you peace of mind and give your children more freedom.
• Your family can have a central shared calendar and to-do list in one place so that everyone can comment and get updates.
• Your family can keep track of shopping lists and family activities such as restaurants to visit, movies to see, gifts to buy, or activities to do together.
• Your family can store personal notes and reminders so important family activities and to-dos are not forgotten.
• Your family can share private photos, and with SquareHub’s photo editing tools, everybody can have fun with the built-in memes, filters, and digital rewards for recognizing good behavior.
• Your family can integrate all the ways you communicate, whether you’re using an Android phone or tablet or prefer email or text messaging.

Spin Browser

Use SPIN Safe Browser to block pornography, inappropriate content, and keep, and web and image searches safe. No filter is perfect, including ours, but SPIN Safe Browser helps hide explicit content while surfing the web.

SPIN is a fully featured web browser with integrated internet filters that even blocks the grey area of sites that are normally good but are prone to pornography.

Millions of websites filtered and blocked under the following categories:
• Prone to Porn
• Pornography
• Nudity
• Unfiltered Search Engines
• Proxy & VPN
• Drugs
• Alcohol & Tobacco
• Gambling
• YouTube (many videos with mature content exist)

Nothing to configure – web content filtering and safe search just works
No Login or Signup required
No Incognito (Private Browsing) mode
We Listen, love feedback and will block the grey area of sites that are shady and unblock sites that are good but are accidentally blocked since some robot was just not that smart!


ooVoo is the world’s largest, independent video chat and messaging app.

Key features:
• One-on-one and group video calling
• Text and picture messaging
• Screen sharing
• Free voice calling

Put Your Best Face Forward
• Get the video chat and messaging app with the highest quality picture and sound. ooVoo’s patented Superclear™ technology delivers unbelievable video clarity and crystal clear audio.
• Free Avatar Characters & Masks – Talk to friends as your favorite avatar or wear a mask during video chats—new characters and masks are added monthly. (Available on most devices)
• One-Touch Calling – Easily move from messaging to video chat.
• ooVoo Everywhere – ooVoo provides cross-platform, cross-device support, so you can talk to all your friends anytime and anywhere without worrying about whether they’re on a phone, tablet, or computer.
• Address Book, Facebook & WhatsApp Integration – Easily invite and add your friends to ooVoo by connecting your Address Book, Facebook, and WhatsApp accounts.
• SuperClear™ – Our patented technology automatically detects and adjusts to your connection speed, which means fewer dropped calls.
• ooVoo works on any type of network – Clear and crisp video chat over WiFi, LTE, 4G, and 3G without increasing data consumption.
• Superior Audio – Echo cancellation for crystal-clear audio.